Make the food we love accessible to everyone. Make a brand that we create loved by all

At every step make choices that contribute to sustainability goals

Remove barriers for people of color, specifically South Asians by providing familiar tasting food for the outdoors.

Exclusively vegetarian
We double down on our sustainability commitment by only carrying vegetarian food. A famous carnivore like Anthony Bourdain was a big fan of Indian Vegetarian Food. So you know you are not compromising on taste.
Fully freeze dried
While most other brands have de-hydrated and freeze-dried elements in their food. By having 100% freeze-dried product we reduce the weight on average and also reduce the prep-time to under 5 minutes.
South Asian flavors
We serve the food that we eat. Our recipes are not dumbed down. We believe that the taste will speak for itself. The flavor balance is such that you will find something you like about all recipes!
Nutritionally balanced
We create calorically dense and protein-rich recipes without the use of any meat. Apart from these two we are also putting a lot of emphasis on fat, sodium and other important nutrients for the outdoors.

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